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Rock Hall' "The Pearl of the Chesapeake", is a waterfront town located directly on the National Chesapeake Scenic Byway in Kent County, Maryland. It is situated less than two hours away from large metropolitan areas such as Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC.  Originally called Rock Hall Crossroads, the town is now a quaint fishing, sailing and recreational boating town on the upper eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. It is the center of Kent County’s maritime industries and is also a popular destination for art, music, culture and wildlife enthusiasts.


Even before the Town’s establishment in 1707, the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries have shaped the economic and cultural development of the Town. In the early years, the Bay served as a commercial link to other populated areas on the western shore, such as Baltimore, Annapolis and Virginia, as well as northern areas such as Philadelphia and New York. Rock Hall served as a shipping point for tobacco, seafood and other agricultural products, as well as a passenger transport connection for travelers during the Colonial era. Famous Americans, such as George Washington, James Madison and others have passed through Rock Hall numerous times traversing between Virginia and their northbound destinations. Later, fishing and seafood processing became the Town’s largest industry, providing an economic base for commerce and town community life. Maryland blue crabs, oysters, rockfish and more, although less plentiful today, have comprised the bountiful seasonal harvests of the Upper Chesapeake Bay.


Rock Hall Harbor continues to be a working harbor with an active fleet of commercial watermen who leave the dock each day. Rock Hall has three museums including a Waterman's museum. This is presently located in the Town Hall with many artifacts to preserve the heritage of the iconic way of life associated with the Chesapeake waterman. In recent years, recreational interests, shopping and tourism have emerged as a strong economic transformation with Rock Hall serving as one of the larger charter boat fishing and sailing centers on the Eastern Shore. Among other attractions, the Town of Rock Hall is now home port to a wide variety of award winning marinas, marine services, restaurants, fishing and sailing charters, kayak rentals, bed and breakfasts, wild life refuge, new and used sail and power boat dealerships and more.


The newest of the County's parks and public landings, Bayside Landing Park is located off of Bayside Avenue in Rock Hall and is centered along the Rock Hall Harbor. The park offers a public swimming pool, public restroom facilities and deep water and dual boat ramps which provide direct access to the Chesapeake Bay. Rock Hall’s small swimming beach and gazebo, known locally as Ferry Park, is located on Beach Road. With picnic tables, barbecue stands, and pavilions, it offers outstanding views from the Chesapeake Bay to the western shore and allows one to experience some of the best sunsets imaginable.

Rock Hall hosts some of the best award winning events on the Chesapeake Bay.  These include the Fourth of July celebration, Pirates and Wenches Weekend, and Fall Fest to name a few.  


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